Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Storm

There's one each year - the first storm of the season that catches you a little off guard. Ours happened to be when Steve was in Indianapolis. :(
I'm trying really hard to get Zachary asleep before all heck breaks loose outside. I think it might have worked and get down stairs to start cleaning out the storm/junk closet and ready our supplies. I'm talking to Steve on the phone and it starts raining/hailing and realize that I can't hear if Zachary is crying while I talk to him, so we hang up and I keep working. Satellite goes out (big suprise) and so I relo headquarters to the guest room. Flashlight - check; phone - check; remote - check; closet cleaned out - check; space on the bed for z & me - check. Then i hear the screaming. He never went to sleep and was terribly frightened so I come to the rescue and bring him down stairs with me. The storm finally subsides and I show him on the radar where our house is and try to explain what the different colors mean. I show him the special storm closet. I tell him that if he gets scared by the storms in the night to run quick into my room and I will keep him safe. I tell him that if I'm not there to go straight to Sophie's room and I would be with her. I promise to come get him before I go downstairs again. All these promises extracted, and a few songs and back rubs and finally he goes to sleep.

Now to figure out where to put everything that was in the junk closet?!?!