Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grace is Just a Name

Sophie got my eyes.  She also got my grace.  Or complete lack thereof.  Yikes!

Tuesdays are our free days.  Usually we run errands and then go somewhere fun.  Zachary begged today to go to Happy Hopperz, so after a quick lunch, off we went.  I had visions of perusing catalogs and making some phone calls while the wee ones jumped themselves exhausted, followed by long naps at home.  At that moment, God laughed.

We arrived, Zachary began jumping, I signed the waiver, paid the owner, and set Sophie on her way to play.  I settled down with catalog #1, and glanced up to see Sophie lying face down on the carpet.  As this is a fairly regular occurence, I didn't rush right over, but waited to see if she was going to cry.  She did, so I scooped her up, only to realize that her head was bleeding.  (The culprit was a plastic shape sorting block, and as she fell "superman style" she must have forgotten to drop the block.  Looking back, we realized that she could have lost her eye if her arms had been a bit shorter.) As I applied pressure with tissues, I realized this was no surface abrasion, but an actual wound.  The other parent there informed us he was a former paramedic, so we put him to work.  After using a butterfly and regular bandaid to cover the wound, he suggested that we go to the ER for stitches.  God bless Grandma T for coming to play with Zachary while I took Sophie to Harris SW.

*Sidebar 1- we did not go to Cook Children's as swine and regular flu are fairly prevalent here and I was not about to take her in for stitches only to come out with swine/regular flu.*
*Sidebar 2 - while waiting for Grandma to arrive, Sophie did not want to be held, coddled, and/or comforted.  She wanted to jump and play, which is exactly what she did.  And when we left Happy Hopperz, she was screaming and very upset with me.

We got all checked in at Harris SW.  Sophie was very friendly with all the other patients and hospital staff (perhaps in anticipation of future visits).  Steve came and met us at the hospital and she was so glad to see him.  Good thing he came, too, b/c I have misplaced Sophie's insurance card.  Oops!

The nurse applied anesthetic via cotton ball and bandaid, and then the doctor and nurse came back to do the stitching.  She was swaddled with a large sheet to keep her immobilized during the stitching and she cried but otherwise did ok.  She got three stitches, and after a few minutes of comforting was ready to be on her way.

Although this was our first visit to the ER, I'm sure it won't be our last, especially with Little Ms. Adventurous, and I'm so thankful it went as well as it did.

And a quick Thank You to the Happy Hopperz owner for the Get Well card he sent to Sophie.  I promise we will come back. :)


The Lindleys said...

I had no idea! Your poor angel! I'm so glad that everything is better. So scary! Poor mama! Hope all is well and we need to get together one day - maybe during the holidays! : ) Miss y'all.