Wednesday, January 27, 2010


For the past few days, Zachary has been practically begging for a haircut.  Surprising, coming from a kid that had to be physically restrained during the haircutting process until age 3.  So I finally agreed that we could get one.  As always, I was amazed at how much hair they cut off, and how much remains on his head.

During the haircut, I started talking with another mom about boy haircuts. 

Other Mom: He sure is doing great.
Me: Yep - started on his third birthday.
OM: My little boy doesn't like them at all.
Me: Oh yeah, I used to have to hold him in a giant bear hug during the haircut.
OM: Wow.
Me: And when I was pregnant with her, his dad had to take him.
OM: My dad took him once and has refused to ever take him again.  It's so embarassing.
Me: Yes. One time my husband's friend was in here with his 2 boys while Zachary was throwing a fit.  I was mortified.  Have you tried bribery?  That sometimes works...
OM: I've already promised Chuck E. Cheese after this ordeal.
Me: Other moms used to always tell me that it will get better.  I didn't believe them, and seriously thought he would be screaming about haircuts till he went to college.  But one day it did get better.  It will happen.
OM: Thanks.  I hope so.

And as we were leaving, her little boy was in the early stages of a haircut fit, and her face was turning redder and redder.

So to all you moms who think that haircuts will always be miserable, please know this too shall pass.  And if bribery doesn't work for your child, you could always give yourself a little treat for surviving the harrowing ordeal.