Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing in the Dirt

After we finally put a patio in last year and got patio furniture, I decided we needed to do some beautification.  The hydrangea (that I have somehow not killed) was moved to the patio to make room for front porch Christmas decor, and my sister gave me two flower pots for Christmas, so they were keeping everything company. 

On Monday, Mom brought over some extra dirt from the lot next door and leftover bark and we filled the two empty pots.  I was not surprised when Sophie jumped right in to help.  That girl is a magnet towards anything messy!

On Tuesday, I took the kids to get flowers - two flats of them - and Zachary helped me choose zinnias and portulaca.  I planted the some of the zinnias when we got home, but realized that there was definitely not room for the rest, nor the portulaca, so it was relegated to the yard. 

On Wednesday, I took Sophie to Costco, where we found a HUGE resin flower pot for $19.99, so in the cart it went.  After school, we had to run to Lowe's (for the 53rd time in one week), where I bought the rocks, potting soil and bark.

The resin pot came with instructions to put down a layer of rocks first.  Good thing b/c otherwise I'd have a GIANT mess on my patio!  And also, who knew that there were different kinds of dirt - some for flower beds and some for flower pots?  NOT ME, and boy was I upset when I realized the flower pot dirt bags were way bigger (and heavier) than the flower bed dirt bags!

Lowe's also scored some major points since the nice employee who insisted on helping me load the car, also kept an eye on my crazy children while I pulled the car around.  Exact opposite experience I had when hauling a cart of 18 foot chair rail through Home Depot while 7 months pregnant.  And why I have yet to set foot in Home Depot since.

Zachary declined his nap - yet again - so we decided to get to work on this project of planting.  He generously loaned me his wagon to get the dirt/rocks, etc. from my car to the patio, and then BEGGED me to not start until he was completely ready to help.  So we scooped the rocks, and scooped and poured the soil in, and then he helped me get the flowers in the pot.  Zachary did great - getting dirty and everything!  When his crocs got dirty, he just took them off and walked over to the spigot and cleaned everything off.  All this created some fabulous splashing puddles, which he thoroughly enjoyed!

So now our patio has been made a little prettier, and hopefully everything will hold up through the direct all day sun!

Thanks, Zachary, for being a great helper!!

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