Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at Church - A Comedy in Three Acts

Act 1:
A couple days before Christmas, Zachary got it in his head that he wanted to pass out candy canes at church on Christmas Eve and to our family on Christmas Day. So off I trot to the store to get the necessary supplies (candy canes - small and large - and a lovely jar to hold them all). We are all set and arrive at church with candy canes in hand. Zachary is handing them to anyone and everyone and being such a sweet guy about it. Then the service starts, and he refuses to sit still. So I take him into the Narthex and we have a talk about where the candy canes will have to go if he doesn't cool it till church is over. Nothing like a "Come to Jesus" meeting on Christmas Eve. ha ha

Act 2:
Zachary decides sitting with Daddy and Grandpa will be more fun than sitting with the rest of us. When it is time for Silent Night and lighting the candles I knew he would do great because we did this at TCU. Steve held him and they both lit candles and sang. Zachary is prepared for his first concert - he was waving the candle back and forth way up in the air. (Thanks Auntie for reminding me of this.) Little did I know, the whole time Steve was thinking that Zachary's hair was going to catch fire and he would have no way to stop it. Crisis averted, thankfully.

Act 3:
We are almost done with the "Children's Service". Note to others - this does not mean puppets, and things that will amuse your child. It means that people will try not to give you dirty looks when your kids are being ... kids. OK - back on track... We are singing "Joy to the World", all 45 verses, and Zachary is jumping up and down and making loud noises, but nobody can hear him because we are all singing. We finish the next to last verse and are waiting for the organ to begin the last verse, and sweet Zachary lets out a very loud ROAR! Oh My! I can hardly stand I am laughing so hard. As Grandma M says "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord". Well, he sure did!

The Encore:
After church, he resumes passing out the candy canes. If for some reason he missed you, just let me know and I'll be happy to mail you one.


Mandy said...

You also left out the part about him waving his candle back and forth like he was at a rock concert. If anyone needs to burn
calories...come by and hang out with zachary for an hour...he'll make you laugh so hard, you're sure to get a workout!