Monday, August 10, 2009

Fear of Flying

I have never been afraid of flying, even with my child, until I heard about passengers being trapped on planes for hours at a time. This is the latest instance, and I am infuriated.

1 - Why didn't the passengers do something? Ideas for things to do include:
a - call the airline
b - call a family member
c - call the police
d - fake a heart attack
e - fake an asthma attack

2 - Why didn't the employees do something? Ideas for things to do include:
a - open a door
b - go against 'orders/protocol/etc' and get the passengers out in a safe manner

3 - How is this even allowed to happen?
When did we stop caring about how we treat others? What if the airline president's mother/father/spouse/child had been on that plane? Or better yet, the airline president him/herself?

Within all the 'rules' we have forgotten how to be human, how to show a little compassion and decency toward another.

More to come as I organize my thoughts...


Tamara McDonald said...

Hear! Hear! I totally agree...what was going on with those people. My lists of why I hate to fly are already long before I add this as a reason. I hope this never happens to me!

Sara said...

fantastic post. I hope you wrote an editorial for C Springs paper.

Sara said...

Sorry, for a split second I thought I was reading Candice's blog. Either way, publish an editorial for any paper Great points