Friday, June 11, 2010

My Jumper

Zachary's friend Matthew knows how to jump off the diving board.  Although he does it while wearing a life vest, this immediately made Zachary declare he was going to jump as well.

Smart Mommy said - Let's make sure you can jump off the side of the pool before you get stranded up on the diving board.  So after about 15 minutes of progressive jumping techniques, he jumped without holding onto anything and deemed himself adequately prepared for the diving board jump.

We made our way over to the diving board.  I went with him because I would rather be right there when he decided not to jump and not have to RUN at the pool to my sobbing child.  And on the off chance that he did jump, I wanted to be there to fish him out of the pool.

First time up - he walked out onto the board (rather bravely) and decided he wanted to hold my hand and jump off the side. Worked out fine, but then he decided to try again.

Second time up - walked out onto the board and suggested that I get in the pool to 'catch' him.  So off goes super mommy treading water in the deep end while he ponders this action.  Note to readers: treading water is pretty good exercise.  Super Mommy is a bit out of shape. :)  Little Buddy finally decides there will be no jump and mom swims to the side to catch her breath.

Third time up - walked out and seriously contemplated the jump.  I really thought this would be the time.  But no - and so he decided that he will jump off the diving board another day.

In reality, this whole exercise was a huge success.  He didn't cry on the diving board, he actually jumped in the pool without holding on to me, and he's excited to do it again.   Can't wait to see what else this brave boy does this summer!