Friday, March 5, 2010

Ferries and Gnocchi

This morning we woke up and decided to take the kids on Ferry rides before nap time and the rehearsal dinner.  Kaitlyn decided to come with us and we had a blast with her!

First we drove to town and took the ferry to Angel Island.  The ferries don't run continuously, so we just rode there and back, but it was a wonderful trip.  Windy, but a nice first boat ride for the kids.  Angel Island looked beautiful, and I hope we get to go back to explore someday.

We grabbed a quick brunch (15 minutes) of pancakes and ran back to catch the ferry through the bay.  As we ran - literally - carrying the rest of our breakfast and Zachary, we saw several other members of our group, the Boggs and Finns.  All the boys had a blast exploring the big ferry boat and the girls stayed warm mostly inside.  It was a beautiful day for a boat ride -sunshine everywhere!  We went to Sausalito first, then San Francisco and back to Tiburon.  It was just long enough and the kids loved it!

After the boat ride, it was nap time.  Everyone napped for a bit, and then Steven and I took Zachary to the wedding rehearsal while Kaitlyn and Sophie continued their snooze fest.  Kaitlyn was an excellent babysitter!!

Zachary and Steven received excellent instruction on their wedding duties and then we returned to get everyone ready for the rehearsal dinner.  It was a really fun party with a delicious dinner.  Steven and I each made a toast to congratulate Katey and Michael and welcome Katey to the family.  It's tough job to love a Moroneso male, but the good news is: they get better looking every day. :)