Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Our California adventure has come to a close.

We loaded up the luggage and the people and headed for the airport right on time.  Our previous experiences at SFO made us think this trip through... Steve and Phil dropped Anne, the kids, me, and our luggage at the terminal, and went to return the rental cars.  Honestly, if we'd had to make that trek back from Rental Car Land again, I think we would have just found somewhere in San Fran to live.  Geez!

Anne and I were sizing up the security line, and the VERY NICE TSA agent invited us to use the Priority screening lane.  I'm not sure if it was actual kindness, or an act of sparing the other passengers from listening to the whining for 20 minutes, but I appreciate it more than he will ever know. 

Anne had access to the Admirals Club so we could have a nice place to sit for a few minutes.  We tried to be inconspicuous, but really, how is that happening with a 4.5 and 1.5 year old? 

As lovely as the Admirals Club is, the lunch/breakfast offerings were not pleasing to the little ones, so we headed next door to a cafe for 'brunch'.  Steve and Phil joined us shortly after, and we had a quick meal.  Back to the Admiral's Club for a potty break, and then time to board the plane. 

Since we've traveled a couple times with the kids, we have a routine for boarding. Shocker.  Steve takes the car seat, the carry-ons, and Zachary and gets on the plane first.  Sophie and I get on last - or pretty close to it.  But this time the routine got changed up, and in the commotion, Steve forgot to get all the carry ons, and the boys didn't get on as quickly as I would have liked.  We actually watched them walk on the plane, resulting in Sophie screaming and wailing for Daddy.  All the while, I'm trying to wrangle my 19 month old daughter, a duffel bag, a stroller, and my purse, without dumping everything onto the floor of SFO.  It was loud.  It was embarassing.  But it finally finished. 

We got on the plane and got settled.  Ready for takeoff. I texted my friends that we were on the plane to come home and to please pray for my sanity.  As the plane was ascending, Sophie pooped.  Of course, I thought.  Just like last time.  I realized that it didn't smell too bad, and at that moment she said "tired", handed me her lovey, grabbed my hand and fell asleep.



After we landed at DFW, we got our bags - nothing lost - got our cars, and drove home.  Zachary fell asleep about 20 minutes from home and stayed asleep until 7 the next morning!