Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel...

This is it... Michael and Katey's BIG DAY!!!

We spent the morning running errands and getting ready.  A big thanks to Kaitlyn for coming to the grocery store with me and the kids!

Zachary and Sophie both napped a bit after lunch while Steve Mathis and Steve Moroneso went to the hotel to help Michael get ready.  The bottle of Patron tequila helped a little bit. :)

Then I got Zachary showered (my shirt got soaked too), and got myself almost ready, and then started to get Zachary ready in his tuxedo.  Uncle Steve finished up getting Zachary ready, while I got Sophie up and ready.  Somehow we made it out of the house and to the hotel in time for the shuttle. 

Since the chapel is small, there were only a few parking spots, which meant we all got to ride a shuttle bus.  Sophie quite enjoyed the bus (as did Zachary on the way back).  The kids enjoyed playing in the chapel before the ceremony.  Zachary did a nice job bringing in the rings in the special nest that Katey made.  Sophie got pretty antsy after the 2nd reading, and we went outside to play aka climb stairs.  Hunter and John came to join us shortly after. 

During this time, Zachary was getting impatient.  There was nose picking, scratching (yes, THERE), sitting, walking, and then he figured out that Hunter was outside.  He announced to Steve that he would be "right back", and marched down the aisle to come play.  I quickly sent him back in, and he STOMPED up the aisle.  Kaitlyn (our savior) managed to get him to sit nicely with her for a while. 

I heard the wedding was very nice, and the photographers took some great photos afterward.

Michael and Katey rang the bell after the wedding and we took the shuttle back to the hotel and then to the reception at Servino's.  After a few child safety modifications, we enjoyed the outdoor patio overlooking the Bay.  The appetizers were fantastic, and the kids enjoyed playtime with each other.  By the time dinner rolled around, our kids were losing interest, so Steven ended up eating at a separate table with all the kids.  We did enjoy some dancing time, yummy cake and toasts before calling it a night.  Go figure - both kids fell asleep on the way home. 

We  were so honored to share this special day with Michael and Katey and wish them the best in their marriage adventure!


Michael said...

We were honored to have you there!